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Borker Protocol

Borker Protocol is an application layer protocol for Bitcoin, Dogecoin and similar UTXO-based, transparent blockchains. It relies on the openess, security, and immutability of the underlying networks and defines a method of publishing and consuming unstoppable content.


Borker is a Twitter-like microblogging platform and implementation of the Borker Protocol on Dogecoin.

Borker is open, decentralized, borderless, permissionless, pseudonymous, immutable, and censorship-resistant.

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Borker is open to everyone to build upon and use. There are no gatekeepers and no way to prevent someone from participating.


Borker is exactly as immutable as its underlying blockchains. By design, users can filter, edit, and delete borks from the Borker Layer of the Network. But the blockchain never forgets, so be careful what you say.

Censorship Resistant

Borker is exactly as censorship resistant as its underlying blockchains. Publishing and consuming content on the Borker Network is just sending and receiving transactions on Bitcoin or Dogecoin.


Borker developers do it for fun and reputation. Donations are welcome but not necessary.

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